How To Delete Windows Old From Your Pc To Free Up Space

How To Delete Windows Old From Your Pc To Free Up Space

After the installation, I tried to use CCleaner to remove the 2.87 GB download but could not do it. I was forced to use Micrtosoft’s Windows 10 Disk Clean to perform the cleanup. Is this because I have the free version of CCleaner on my computer? The whole process will take a long time like several hours. You may leave it alone overnight to finish the cleaning process. Windows 10 has a few ways to remove those temporary files, and emptying recycle bin, wasting space on your PC. The Free Up Space tool scans a computer disk drive for unneeded files.

In this section, we will discuss the Reg commands that are used to perform the most common tasks related to the Registry. ▪HKEY_CURRENT_USER Contains the profile of the currently logged-on user. You can do this from any location in the Command Prompt. The Registry Editor will open in a separate window. You may be asked to confirm that you want to open it. If necessary, you can restore your Registry backup.

To request license for commercial software listed below. You will need these files to Reset or Refresh your PC. These are logs of errors that were reported to Microsoft by the Windows Error Reporting service. Remove unused language resource files, including keyboards, speech inputs, etc. Files created by BranchCache service for caching data. Has many new file deletion categories, such as Windows Defender files, see below.

  • Once you have taken a backup of the registry using one of the methods below, reboot your computer into Safe Mode before you begin troubleshooting.
  • These files are overwritten when a new backup is created, so you should make sure they are copied elsewhere, because you can only have one backup on the system.
  • The Windows registry is exactly as it sounds—a central registry.

Matt earned his BA in English from the University of Massachusetts. Mr. Key Shop offers a way to get Windows 10 licenses for low prices. As is par for the course with its recent string of quarterly reports, the tech giant brought in a lot of money, this time to the tune of $51.7 billion. Once you complete the steps, the “Windows.old” folder with a copy of the old setup will be deleted, freeing up storage on the computer. Windows 11 is pretty much looking like what Windows 10X would have been but without the underlying architectural shifts. It would have easily passed for another Windows 10 feature release, and we’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s formal announcement to see why it decided on a version number bump.

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If you have a home computer, then you don’t have to worry about all of this, just restart your computer and you should be able to edit the registry again. You can try to avoid receiving the setting from the server by restarting your computer, but disconnecting your network card so that it can’t communicate with the network. You may also want to try the whole procedure above while disconnected from the network in order to ensure that the corporate policy does not override the local policy. In this article, I’m going to go through a couple of different methods you can try for enabling access to the registry. Another major reason the registry gets disabled is due to malicious viruses.

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So when making a change, create a restore point first and then backup the only edited section manually. If there is a problem, you can always reload the exported section by simply double-clicking on the .reg file in Windows. If your Windows 10 is turned on , you can’t replace the original registry files in the %windir%\System32\Config download here since they are locked by the operating system. However, you can use the registry recovery procedure when your Windows is not booting properly in normal mode. In this case, you can replace the damaged registry files from the WinPE command prompt by booting your computer in the Windows 10 recovery environment or from Windows 10 installation media. MiniTool ShadowMaker, the professional free PC backup software, can help you easily backup Windows system, files and folders in simple steps. It supports automatic schedule backup and incremental backup.

Unable to access your files stored in the Downloads folder on Windows 11/10? Well, this usually signals a problem with the File Explorer.

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